“Made to Measure”

Jacob Cohën has launched his “Made to Measure” project dedicated to luxury denim.

Jacob Cohën’s “Made to Measure” project confirms the vision of luxury denim seen since the inception of the brand to create a reference point for lovers of high quality jeans: made from the finest fabrics, rich in fine details, almost precisely “couture pieces”.

Thanks to this new project, Jacob Cohën now offers his customers the opportunity of creating their own jeans. Within a palette of colours, the type of label, buttons and rivets chosen make the jeans completely unique and personal.

“Made to Measure” from Jacob Cohën will be available from March in its flagship stores and in a selection of multi-brand stores where the brand is already present.

The customer will find a precious wooden box in which the elements to be customised are on display: the fabric, the colours, the buttons and the pony skin labels. A choice of a special cotton fabric with a palette of ten colours to be combined with many types of silver-plated, gold-plated and enamelled buttons. The particularity lies in the iconic pony-skin rear label with a silver logo that will be personalised with the customer’s details to make every pair of jeans even more unique and valuable.

The Jacob Cohën ‘Made to Measure’ project was created in order to get ever closer to the needs of the sophisticated customer who wants to satisfy the desire to have a product that is unique. ‘Made to Measure’ fits well with the sartorial tradition of Jacob Cohën: the garments are tailor made with a wide range of accessories – labels, buttons, rivets – and customised embroidery guarantees the customer an ‘exclusively personal’ garment.