What defines Paul&Shark?

Interview with Andrea Dini, President, Paul&Shark

November 2019

1. In three words – what defines Paul&Shark?

Authenticity, consistency and performance.
These are the fundamentals of the brand that are constantly enhanced and updated without losing Paul&Shark’s essence.
The authenticity of Paul&Shark is based on its history and its origins. A history connected with the sea, inspired by the world of sailing and based on the concepts of quality, performance and spirit of adventure.
Authentic means identifiable: this is what we work towards with a selection of high performance items appreciated over time.

2. How did Paul&Shark change since its founding in 1975?

Over the years, Paul&Shark has preserved the founding elements of its authenticity, the values that produce and reinforce its market position: quality, performance-oriented design and passion for the sea. Meanwhile there has been a collection upgrading: from the sailing water repellent sweater, an icon of the Paul&Shark style, today we design a complete luxury sportswear collection. A combination of Paul&Shark DNA and the most innovative technology.
Today Paul&Shark has set itself ambitious goals regarding the sustainability and environmental impact of its collection, developing a powerful action plan directed at producing at least 50% of its collection with recycled and environmental friendly fabrics by 2020.
SAVE THE SEA is the most ambitious project, which sees the use of post-consumer plastic to create a totally eco-friendly jacket.
Mr. Dini, during an event dedicated to sustainability in Toronto, recently said:
“Paul&Shark want to be a business leader by producing clothing while looking out for the planet.”

3. How would you describe the typical Paul&Shark customer?

Paul&Shark loyal customer is an established man who loves sport, adventure and shares our passion for the sea.
Our customer loves the quality, he’s a dashing and mindful modern gentleman who has become more and more conscious about environmental issue.

4. An icon of Paul&Shark, every man/women should buy once in his/her life?

A Paul&Shark item that every man/women should buy once in his/her life is our Peacoat, an authentich item that comes from Royal Navy. The allure and elegance of the Peacoat in modern times remains relatively unchanged; it is still a viable outerwear option for fall/winter though it’s certainly made its way across the streets into city life and it never fails to enhance the wearer's style.
In the AW20 collection we are proud to present for the first time the Peacoat in eco wool, a regenerated fabric obtained through the complete recycling processing waste.